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Stephen, from Lancaster.

” A friendly local business with a small but diverse selection of chilli sauces. I’m a regular customer and their Sweet Heat chilli sauce is a real winner. The Sour Mango is my particular favourite and offers something different from the norm, along with great versatility. I’ve always found Magma’s products to be of high quality and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to others. “

Val, from Lancaster.

” I tried the sweet chilli sauce, I spread it lightly over a tortilla wrap added chicken slices ‘rolled it up and everyone said it was ‘TO DIE FOR!’ I used the green sauce (Jalapeño to make Fajitas, (added beef oxo, garlic and olive oil to sliced frying steak} I have to say they were beautiful! The Scotch bonnet sauce is the icing on the cake ! FABULOUS! I used it for Chicken fajitas (added chicken oxo, garlic, tomato purée and olive oil) Everyone said they were THE BEST! I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH THESE SAUCES! Tonight I used the scotch bonnet sauce again, I bought an El Passo Enchilada kit and some minced beef and used the sauce to give it a lift, WHAT A LIFT ! Brilliant. You have surpassed yourself with these sauces and you have a regular customer here! “

Dan Jackson, from Lancaster.

” Top notch sauces if u love the spice “

Kane Berman-Thomas, from Lancaster.

” Superb sauces, they are delicious! Fantastic quality, I highly recommend to everyone. “

Rose Mckeon, from Lancaster.

” Wow. Really beautiful and perfectly hot. ♥ “

Rosie Angus, from Lancaster.

” Fantastic range of sauces! “

Ofelia Ploae – Chef – Creta, Greece.

“Amazing!!!!!I think is one of the best chilli sauce the I ate till now!!!!
and trust me I tried many kinds, from different places in the world..
simply the best…my favourite is Habanero Special..I love it…I can feel very
clearly all the flavour, all the aroma of the ingredients…just perfect
Congratulations!!keep on make it!!!! You will make other people happy!!”

 Mike & Elaine, from Lancaster.

“We’ve tried most and the one we really like is the Sweet Heat. Try some in your home made Chilli, it really does give it that extra richness and flavour. Don’t need a great deal, add a little at a time to your own taste. Spread the chilli on a wrap, roll up and eat. OMG!”

Candice, from Lancaster.

I love the sweet chilli sauce, its amazing!!”

Paul, from Lancaster.

“I spent 5 years living in London with a Caribbean family and I tried many types of scotch bonnet sauce but since moving back up to Lancaster, I’ve really struggled to find decent hot sauce. The main brands just don’t have that flavour, the pepper taste is missing and most just taste vinegary.
I’ve even travelled to Brixton to get some of home made stuff from a Caribbean takeaway!
Now I don’t have to.
Cheers for the flavour!”