Welcome to Magma Sauces, my name is Mark Cullingford (one of the founders of Magma Sauces) and if you can spare a minute I will explain how we came to be.

My interest in chillies has been growing ever since my Mum started cultivating them in about 2006, however it wasn’t until late 2013 after meeting an inspirational Life Coach that I realised that I have a passion for chillies and the culinary opportunities they present. In particular, I love the variety of colours, flavours, shapes, sizes and of course the extreme variation in heat. I feel they bring food to life and make cooking so much more exciting.

While contemplating how best to pursue my passion, my good friend Michael Bickerstaffe, who is an experienced Chef with a background in catering, suggested many possible ideas. We quickly discovered that there was a real need for freshly made, full flavoured chilli sauce that’s free from MSG and other flavour enhancers.

Simply by using the freshest chillies and the finest, hand-picked ingredients we believe we’ve created Lancashire’s finest home-made chilli sauce!